Global Mammal Parasite Database

The Global Mammal Parasite Database (GMPD) is a compilation of parasites and pathogens from wild primate, carnivore, and ungulate hosts, obtained from the published scientific literature. You can download data from the GMPD at this website, and learn more about the research projects that have used the database. See our Ecological Archives paper here.


The GMPD was a collaborative effort started by Charles Nunn and Sonia Altizer in 1999. Since then, many individuals have been involved, and support has come from multiple institutions and funding agencies. We provide a way to query the primate parasite data, and welcome requests for more specific queries.


Multiple National Science Foundation (NSF) grants have supported the GMPD over nearly two decades, including the following: DEB-0211908, EF-0723939/0904359, BCS-1355902. We also thank the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science at Conservation International for funding, and the NSF for their support of a Research Coordination Network on "The Macroecology of Infectious Disease" (DEB 1316223, PI: Patrick Stephens).